Reach passengers via FLIO personalised mobile marketing channel.

Engaged audience

Target any airport worldwide through native advertising and push messaging.  Reach travellers with a high propensity to spend, travelling 15-20 times per year.

Grow Revenue & Awareness

FLIO helps raise brand awareness and grow passenger conversion and spend.

Direct Response & Brand Marketing

FLIO caters for direct-response campaigns through immediate call to action and push messaging to tailored brand advertising in premium native ad slots, boasting incredibly click through rates (CTR).


A selection of our partners:


Promotional Formats.

A mix of geo-relevant native offers, push notifications and carousel advertising.


FLIO for travel retail and food & beverage.



Grow footfall

Increase average transaction value and footfall through redeemable promotions and tailored push messages at specific times in the day. The FLIO user has proven to increase average transaction values by up to 40%.


Target users with the right offer at the right time, when they are in the airport ‘ready to spend’.


Raise pre-awareness of in-store experiences, linking online to offline – driving footfall as a result.


Drive customer conversion.

Via redeemable vouchers in-app.

FLIO for airlines and OTAs.

API Technology

Directly serve airport specific content and offers from FLIO API to your App and Website

Reach passengers on their phone

FLIO helps to keep contact to your passengers.

Increase dwell time

Increase dwell time on your app with FLIO content, which in turn will extend the window of opportunity to up sell in other areas

Engage your customers

Increase retention. Ensure customers come back and again choose your App and Website over competitors


Great FLIO sourced content and offers across your digital platforms.

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