Global Airport App at a fraction of the cost of your own mobile application


Running an airport app is not easy:

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Providing accurate departure times, updated maps, send localized push messages, enable purchases of parking and supporting tenants is an ongoing challenge.  Constantly evolving platforms on iOS and Android are a permanent challenge.  Managing content across multiple platforms and in multiple languages for a global audience... The challenges are plenty...
That is before you run into challenges of getting passengers to download a stand alone app.

Save costs

FLIO allows you to use the World's best airport app at a fraction of the cost. Upload and edit your airport content and integrate the sale of your airport services, like parking, fast track and lounge access within weeks.

Communicate to International Travelers

If you wish to continue to run your own app, as some of our customers do: With FLIO you can communicate to an international audience of app users, who already have the app installed.

Grow your revenue

Sell your commercial services via FLIO’s in-app payment solution; fast track, parking, lounge access and more. Plus, earn revenue off the back of your existing Wi-Fi hotspot with FLIO’s capability of serving travel retail campaigns on your behalf.

Receive advertising revenue

In our co-marketing agreement, your airport can benefit from advertising agreements struck by the FLIO team.

Learn about your passengers

FLIO provides anonymised data for passengers using FLIO in your airport, allowing you to better understand your customers.

If a single app ends up providing more value than hundreds of individual airport apps put
together, travellers will have a relatively simple decision to make
— Airport Business, 2016

Easy Transactions for Airport Services



Direct Interface to Parking, Lounges, Fast Track, 

FLIO creates pre-awareness leading to direct in-app purchase,
no matter where you are in the world.

Payment validation

FLIO handles all of the payments so you don’t have to.

Communicate to a global audience

FLIO is a real time marketing channel to communicate to a global audience of frequent travelers.

Fully functional application to service your passengers more efficiently


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