Entrepreneur in Residence

Located in Hamburg

Every couple of months we offer the opportunity to work directly with the top management of FLIO, all are experienced serial entrepreneurs and investors. 

  • Is your goal to become an entrepreneur, or work in an entrepreneurial senior management position in a startup?

What we offer:

  • You will get exposure to a startup when it is still early, yet run by experienced people.

  • You will go beyond of what you may have learned in university or reading the biography of Steve Jobs. You will make all the experiences of a growing company yourself: The excitement about winning a new customer, the difficulties in scaling a company while keeping it operational, and the ubiquitous stress of funding money to fuel the global growth.

  • You will be in a direct mentor relationship with a successful serial entrepreneur (Qype, 9flats, Avocadostore).

  • We will give you instant, honest, sometimes unpleasant, but always valuable feedback for your own personal development.

  • Depending on your profile, you will phase through different departments of the company to discover your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

  • Be aware that working in a startup is more than pitching the business model to a crowd. It will also include some tedious but essential work to get done.

  • We are a highly international team with people from many different countries and offices in Hamburg, London, Kiev, and Silicon Valley.

Your qualification

  • Very high entrepreneurial potential

  • Judgement is crucial: You must able to work without much guidance and to decide on your own if needed

  • Ideally, you have worked as an entrepreneur before

  • have excellent grades in school

  • have a great technical or business knowledge as well as a high affinity for business

  • be fluent in English

  • have the ability to learn faster than others

  • be able to integrate yourself in teams

  • have the capacity to analyse the root cause of complex problems in order to prioritise your tasks quickly

  • always keep a big picture of the overall goal

  • be focussed on creating output and fulfilling tasks conclusively

  • Tenacity: even in stressful situations

If you got interested in our team, product and company, please send your application and CV along to jobs@flio.com with the subject „Entrepreneur in Residence“.