Digital airport experience

For the past years, the FLIO team has worked with numerous airports around the world to enable a digital airport experience for their customers. 

FLIO - is your mobile application to reach the domestic
and international passenger

For regional and large airports/groups

We work with regional airports and airport groups with two adaptable models based on your PAX numbers per annum.
Use FLIO as your own app at a fraction of the cost or as a complementary channel to your own mobile solution. At FLIO we even offer the opportunity for your airport to make significant revenue off the back of our users, wherever they spend in the world. Reach out today to see what model you qualify for.

More Revenue

Grow incremental revenue through the on-sale of your commercial services via FLIO’s in-app payment solution; fast track, parking, lounge access and more. Plus, earn revenue off the back of your existing Wi-Fi hotspot with FLIO’s capability of serving travel retail campaigns on your behalf.

More customer data

FLIO provides anonymised user data in your airport, allowing you to understand your customers habits further rather than losing key findings to the likes of Facebook and Google.


E-commerce platform to increase non-aeronautical
revenue (Parking, Lounges, Fast Track and VIP services)


Increase your revenue

FLIO creates pre-awareness leading to direct in-app purchase, no matter where you are in the world.

Payment validation

FLIO handles all of the payments so you don’t have to.

Communicate to a global audience

FLIO is a real time marketing channel to communicate to a global audience of frequent travellers.

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