FLIO's flight tracking feature crosses 1 million uses

In March 2018, FLIO introduced the flight tracking feature to its users. This feature was instantly loved by users as they could now have all their relevant trip information within one app. We're thrilled to announce that within the first weeks of November, this feature was used over a million times!

The flight tracking feature was aimed at keeping users updated about gate changes, arrival and departure times instantly through push notification. Often, it was found that the notifications reached users even before it appeared on the display boards at airports. The widespread use of this feature has resulted in:

- a threefold increase in the time spent by users within the app

- increase in use of other features such as F&B discount vouchers and lounge booking

As a result of this increase in overall engagement, the FLIO user base in November 2018 is three times higher than the same time last year.